Nikhil Rajpal

I am a web master and CMS Expert having an experience of more then 5 years! I work in the fields like HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3 and Jquery,I also work with the famous CMS which are know as Content Management System like Wordpress, Joomla, Zencart and Drupal.

7 Stress Relief Tips to Note down in the Worse Conditions

Stress, it is a natural feeling created in mind, and in which way body responds to a specific threat. Believe or not Stress can take your life away, so in this article I have 7 Stress Relief Tips to note down in the worse case scenario of panic mode. Stress activates physiological, emotional, and chemical reactions in our body so that through a complex signaling pathway between neurons and body cells.

Guava Facts & Benefits

Guava is a juicy and tropical fruit which is easily available in the market. It’s highly nutritious, and also it’s inexpensive. Well, the most common type of guava is “apple guava.” We can use this fruit to make a dish also. We can use it in the form of Sause, juice, candies, snacks, and deserts.